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André Walton was born in St. Michael, Barbados, and grew up in St. James, eating his grandmother’s cooking.  Myma’s food was always fresh —vegetables harvested from her own garden, meats gathered from the local market— and always flavorful and delicious.  Myma believed in raising self-sufficient children, and taught her grandkids to be responsible for themselves: to press and sew their own clothes and, most importantly, to cook.  After preparing his very first dish of scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, and Bajan hot sauce, André was hooked. 


Those early lessons instilled in André a love of cooking that traveled with him across an ocean, first to New York and then to Florida, where he continued to riff off that original transcendent egg scramble, to develop his culinary skills, and to enjoy Myma’s indispensable Bajan hot sauce, which she would ship to him regularly.  One day, fresh out of sauce and impatient for more, he decided to craft his own take on Myma's homemade recipe.  The rest, as they say, is history.

André started preparing his hot sauce for cookouts and parties, getting rave reviews and special requests from friends.  He realized he might be onto something: Bajan hot sauce was absent from American supermarket shelves, and yet he could barely bottle his own fast enough.  André decided it was time to fill that void, and Blazin Bajan was born.

Today, André still makes Myma’s traditional Bajan hot sauce, Hot Gurl, in the kitchen of his Sub-Urban Farm and Eatery, along with two other original recipes.  Crafted from hard work, tradition, inspiration, and fresh, natural ingredients, Blazin Bajan bottles the island flavor of Barbados and brings it straight to your table.

Made with love and the freshest all-natural ingredients.

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