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The Fiyah is Here!

Welcome to Blazin Bajan!

We are so excited to open our virtual doors to our friends, fans, and fellow heat lovers, and to share our labor of love with you. After months of working tirelessly developing our signature recipes, creating our brand identity, and registering our trademarks, we are proud to introduce Mr. Walton’s Blazin Bajan hot sauces!

Blazin Bajan brings the island flavor of Barbados straight to your table with our line of artisanal hot pepper sauces, carefully crafted by Chef Walton and inspired by the traditional recipes of his homeland.

We are kicking off our official launch with our flagship flavor, Hot Gurl, available for purchase in our online store today! Hot Gurl puts a modern spin on the classic Barbados hot pepper sauce with Chef Walton’s signature blend herbs, Caribbean curry, and a hit of habaneros. It’s the perfect balance of flavor and heat, and it works on absolutely everything! Spice up any dressing, marinade, soup, salad, stew, or dish with a splash of Hot Gurl for a transformative flavor experience. For more information and to place your orders, click here.

Our breaking news doesn’t stop there: we’ll have lots more updates to share with you over the coming weeks, including the launch of two brand-new products and our first-ever Kickstarter campaign! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep up with us and find out how you can get your hands on mo’ of this fiyah.

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